Our Values

Our Mission

To build relationships and stand with the poor of Grays Harbor County as together we build leadership and transformation for community empowerment.

Our Vision

To help heal a traumatized and exploited community, and to build a movement to end poverty led by people directly impacted by homelessness, incarceration, and addiction.


We will build the leadership of people who have experienced poverty, homelessness, incarceration, and addiction, giving them not just a seat at the table and a voice, but also actual power in building this organization and our work.


In our projects of survival, we will meet people where they are at, without judgment, supporting people who struggle with addiction or experience mental or physical disabilities. We are committed to respecting people for who they are, across lines of gender, race, disability, and sexuality.


We are opposed to white supremacy. We are committed to working across the lines of difference that have historically divided poor and working people, particularly across lines of race.

Means of Production

We are committed to shifting control of land and the means of production into the hands of poor and working communities. We want to heal land and people together.

Cooperative Hub

We aim to become a cooperative hub. The goal of each enterprise and cooperative will be to return power over land and the means of production to the people most affected by poverty and disenfranchisement and to increase people’s access to land, food, housing, education, and healing.

First Nations

We acknowledge the ancestral claim of First Nations to this land and commit to partnering however possible in this region to support that claim.

Want to Join Us?

We are a member non-profit, and we welcome people experiencing poverty, homelessness, addiction and recovery, or incarceration to become members of our organization.
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