We are a member non-profit, and we welcome people experiencing poverty, homelessness, addiction and recovery, or incarceration to become members of our organization.
Become a Member

What Does It Mean To Be a Member?

A member can attend our annual meetings, vote for our board of directors, and attend meetings that help decide what our goals are at Chaplains on the Harbor. We also plan to have educational events and support groups for members.

What Does It Take To Be a Member?

In order to become a member, we want people to be active in the organization in some way. For most people, we want you to volunteer at least 15 hours a year with our various programs or during volunteer days. People can also opt to pay a $25 membership fee if they are not able to volunteer. Your first step toward membership is to talk to a staff member. They can then nominate you for membership and we can invite you to an orientation.

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