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Forever Evil Be Gone

We receive a fair number of poems, short stories, and art from our men and women in jail and we want to start sharing some of it with you. This was written from Washington Corrections Center, by a young man who has followed our ministry for the past year.

I don’t know how we met
Or even why you came to be!
Just know you time is near end
An’ soon forever gone.

I have no time for evil ways
You are only my past
My future is here without you.

Now step back evil
Love has come to replace you
My life is better without you.

The hurt an’ pain
The dark you bring
So many tears of sorrow
Just to go away.

My love is here to stay
Never without another day
Forever and always
Together, we will stay.

I love to love
And hate to hate

So now its time for change
A time to open your eyes
A time to share your love.

Robert J Spradlin, 2017
Washington Correction Center

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