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Summer is here! After months of rain and the longest period on record without a sunbreak, the weather is finally warm. With the warm weather comes a lot more people on the street, saving up their resources and friend’s couches for the coming winter.

Summer has also brought exciting changes for Chaplains on the Harbor.

We launched our apprenticeship program, hiring Mashayla to help run our food programs in Westport. I’m so proud of her. And we hired two additional part time staff to help with jail visits, programming, and fundraising. We serve about 350 people in this ministry and, as we have grown, our need for additional staffing has grown as well.

This summer, we are dreaming big dreams. We have opened in Westport three times a week as a community center and we worship every Thursday at noon, as we develop a sort of monastic rhythm in that community. And we are exploring ways to open up programing that would enable us to expand our apprenticeship program and hire young people off the street and just coming out of jail. This will take some time, but we hope to begin this process over the next few years.

We live in a place that longs for hope. And hope is a fragile, dangerous thing. We have all felt what it is like to get our hopes up, build a beautiful picture in our minds, only to have that hope dashed on the rocks of life. Our young people especially have felt that, over and over.

So, pray for us. As we dream and build this fragile hope, pray that we can see it through. And lend whatever support you can to make it a reality.

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