For the holiday season, we are focusing on some key needs as we get through the winter and look toward building social enterprise. Here are some of the things we need!

Jail Ministry

Jail outreach allows us to keep in touch with our people, let them know they are not alone, and also identify people who might be candidates for leadership training and apprenticeships.

Bibles: $10 each
Monthly jail newsletter: $175 per month for printing and mailing

Office Space

We have office space in Aberdeen, as a first step toward organizing social enterprise.

Office computer: $250
Monthly rent: $225

Carpentry Apprenticeship

We need to fix up our church and community center and want to pay some of our young people to do it! We are forming an apprenticeship program that will provide job training and support, while also fixing up our building and expanding our community garden.

Cedar Garden Beds: $200
Compost bins: $150
Table saw: $300
Drill set: $200ea
Wages for initial project: $500each (3 people)

Cold Weather Shelter

We are open overnight when the weather gets below 35 degrees or wind higher than 50mph, as shelter and sanctuary, largely for our young people in Westport.

Heat bill: $400/mo
Meals: $300/week
Mattresses: $40 each