Farm Manager for Harbor Roots Farm
Position closes: Dec 15, 2018

Job Overview
The primary responsibility for the Harbor Roots Farm Manager is to run the farm effectively and compassionately. Harbor Roots Farm is a 3-acre vegetable farm in Grays Harbor County that employs people who are getting off the street. The farm manager is expected to run the farm to fulfill 25-30 CSA shares, and to support the leadership and development of 3-5 farm apprentices on the farm.

Harbor Roots Farm ( is a ministry of Chaplains on the Harbor. We are committed to “restoring the streets to live in” and working together to build a better life for people in Grays Harbor County. Harbor Roots is a social enterprise that offers supportive employment. That means we hire young people transitioning off the streets or out of jail, who have records, who are often newly in recovery, and who may have limited formal job experience. We require people to pass a clean UA (and maintain sobriety). We often schedule people around court ordered class schedules and we offer case management and support through other staff members. The manager position would work with a case manager and the priest in charge as a team to provide effective support.

Responsibilities and Duties
Directly supervise and support farm apprentices
Manage 4-5 people in a supportive employment environment, which may include mentorship, administering UAs, planning schedules around court ordered classes, assisting with transportation, and job training
Work as a team with other staff of Chaplains on the Harbor providing support to apprentices
Maintain the farm’s social media, web, and email presence
Maintain the farm accounts – balance the budget and help with fundraising Maintain farm supplies (fertilizer, gear, machinery, etc.)
Secure 25-30 CSA members, maintain relationships, and manage weekly deliveries to two locations Supervise plowing, irrigation, planting, weed and pest control, and harvest of 3 acres of vegetables during the growing season
Attend Chaplains on the Harbor weekly staff meetings

Must have skills in de-escalation and a willingness to support people newly in recovery and job acquisition
Must be able to use Microsoft word and excel, facebook, and email. Mailchimp a plus
Experience as a supervisor is a plus Marketing skills are a plus
Experience with small-scale vegetable farming is a plus, but must at least be willing and excited to learn
We are an equal opportunity employer

Pay will be $20 / hour, with an average of 30 hours/wk.