Dear Friends:

Our year has begun in death and life. Cold, exposure, and lack of quality health care led to two deaths in the coldest part of this winter. This past week and half, we have spent our time at funerals and with the family of the two men who died, as they said goodbye in the traditions of the Indian Shaker Church.

In the middle of our grief for these losses, we are also planning for the future. Hannah Jones, who came on staff to develop social enterprise, will be launching a farming cooperative program this year, hiring two apprentices, providing job opportunities, bringing fresh food to a food desert at our community center, and playing some part in revitalizing the farming economy in this region. If you live in Olympia or near us, watch for opportunities to buy vegetable shares this year! And later this year, look for other enterprise developments.

Our work is growing rapidly. What started with a backpack and $500 four and a half years ago has grown to a ministry with seven staff members, two locations, and around 350 people. We are eager for hope and eager to bring change to this forgotten corner of the world.

Thank you all for helping make this possible. Click here to read our Annual Report.
Rev Sarah