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Harbor Roots Farm

In 2018, we launched Harbor Roots Farm, hiring young people in recovery coming out of jail and off the streets. 2020 will begin our third year.

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I’m a father of two beautiful sons and married to my wife for four years now. I met Chaplains on the Harbor through “Father Sarah.” She fed my friends and I under the bridge for years and has earned so much of my respect. Sarah brought me into this work and saved my life. I have a home again, I am a better father, and a better person than I have ever been. I’m sober again for the first time in almost a decade. I have helped bring a new CSA farm to the community. I hope this next year we continue to bring hope, joy, and fresh food to a community that is at times, lacking in all of these areas. I love doing this work and I literally mean it when I say, “I’m saving the world one day at a time.” We are heros and saviours of our streets. Thank you.

Chris Olive


Im 34 years old and was raised in Westport WA. I am a veteran of the U.S. Air Force and a recovering opiate/heroin addict. I found out about Chaplains on the Harbor while staying at the church in Westport when I was homeless. I reconnected with COH after graduating inpatient treatment and I had volunteered to help out with what they were doing in the community because I think it very important work and not enough people are doing it. I work with COH now and I feel it is helping our community and the world in general. If we can change even one person’s mind about homelessness and addiction issues, then it’s all worth the effort. I am looking forward to the coming season and working on our CSA farm to provide our community with locally grown fresh vegetables and also provide food to feeding programs in our area. Thank you for your donations and support.

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