Our Team

Barbra Weza

Executive Director

The Rev. Barb Weza joins Chaplains on the Harbor after spending 16 years in feeding, street outreach, shelter, and social services in Mason, Thurston, Kitsap, and Grays Harbor Counties… read more

Boneta Campbell

Pastoral Care Lead

I am the Associate Priest for Chaplains on the Harbor. I work with the cold weather shelter staff, provide some case management, and do as much prison/jail ministry as I can… read more

Chris Olive

Property and Infrastructure Manager

I first connected with Chaplains on the Harbor when I was homeless in Westport and I stayed at the church/shelter that Sarah opened. In the beginning of 2018, I volunteered to help out on Harbor Roots farm and ended up sticking around because I was offered a job… read more

Angela Hickman-Schooner

Meal Program Lead

I started as a volunteer at the Aberdeen Sunday meal and also served lunches under the Southside bridge. I can see how important Chaplains is, how we make a difference, and I love the people I work with… read more

Tracy Clayton

Shelter and Outreach Lead

I work in the Westport shelter, and Aberdeen Sunday dinner program and I’m the Wednesday sandwich person. When the temps are 35 or under or bad storms hit, I work the cold weather shelter. I love it… read more

Skye Clayton

Shelter and Farm Team Member

I first started getting involved helping the homeless community by working in a shelter in Aberdeen after experiencing my own unstable housing issues after a house fire… read more

James Petersen

Shelter and Farm Team Member

I met Sarah when she was passing out sandwiches under the bridge. At first I thought she was crazy priest lady trying to convert my homies… read more

Janet Belles

Meal Program and Outreach Team Member

I work at the church in Westport. I am the cook, the cleaning crew, and the door greeter… read more

David Anderson

Shelter and Farm Team Member

David joined Chaplains in January of 2021 as a farm apprentice and quickly stepped to the plate to become our first-ever beekeeper… read more

Jon Parker

Re-entry and Farm Team Member

Jon joined the COH team in January 2021 and spent his first season as an apprentice taking lead on serving our farm customers with our weekly CSA deliveries… read more

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We are a member non-profit, and we welcome people experiencing poverty, homelessness, addiction and recovery, or incarceration to become members of our organization.
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