Harbor Roots Farm

52 Arland Rd
Montesano, WA 98563

About The Farm

Harbor Roots is a 3-acre vegetable farm and project of Chaplains on the Harbor, a poor people’s organization in Grays Harbor County, WA. When the timber economy collapsed, the region was left with very few jobs and little hope. In a place where 1 out of 25 are homeless, we’ve weathered every storm since, and are now reclaiming our right to fresh food, to sustainable use of the land, and to an economy that benefits all of us, not just the few at the top. We are restoring the land and its people.

Apprenticeship Program

Through Harbor Roots Farm, we are launching a farming apprenticeship for our young members getting out of jail and off the streets, to sell food that generates income for them, as well as to create surplus food for local hungry people. This is, we hope, the opposite of the extraction economics that profited from the resources and labor of Grays Harbor County, without adequately providing for the loggers and fishers who built the wealth of those industries.

Our farm apprenticeship program is not just a jobs program; it helps generate some stability for a core group of young people to organize for real change in this county and beyond. In addition to their farm hours, our apprentices will anchor our “School of Hard Knocks”—a weekly political education and training program for people experiencing poverty.

Harbor Roots CSA

Mid June to October
Pick-ups in Montesano, Aberdeen, and Olympia

Receive a weekly box of fresh vegetables and herbs grown by people getting off the streets and out of jail in Grays Harbor County, WA. While growing seasons can vary, you can expect an assortment of fresh greens, root veggies, and herbs throughout the season, along with recipe ideas specially created for that week’s box.

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