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Our Board

Steering Committee for 2020

We are currently under the fiscal sponsorship of the Episcopal Diocese of Olympia and are working closely with them on next steps for our development. We have transitioned to a steering committee to govern the organization this coming year and to shepherd us in the process of separate incorporation. We are combining Episcopal Church polity and best practices for worker owned non-profits. We will elect a Board of Directors when this process is finished. We are working to build a model that encourages the people who do the work to have a role in the decision making of the organization.

Scott Kovacs, consultant

Collum Liska, St Benedict’s Episcopal Church

The Rev Dennis Tierney, representative of the Episcopal Diocese of Olympia

The Rev Karen Davidson, pastor at Aberdeen United Methodist Church

Judy Issacson, local philanthropist and supporter

The Rev Barbra Weza, Director of Community Lifeline

The Rev Sarah Monroe, Founder and Director, Chaplains on the Harbor

The Rev Boneta Campbell, Pastoral Care Director, Chaplains on the Harbor

Mashyla Buckmaster, Community Center Coordinator, Chaplains on the Harbor

Chris Olive, Farm Coordinator and Executive Assistant, Chaplains on the Harbor

Skye Clayton, Farm and Shelter Associate, Chaplains on the Harbor

James Petersen, Farm Associate, Chaplains on the Harbor

Jim Campbell, Finance Director, Chaplains on the Harbor

The Rev Liz Theoharis, co-chair of the Poor People’s Campaign

Willie Baptist, Scholar at the Kairos Center

Dr. Colleen Wessel-McCoy, Poverty Scholarship Coordinator, Kairos Center

Shailly Gupta-Barnes, Esq., Policy Director, Kairos Center

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